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World brand ginseng RHs capsule contains many functional ingredients such as RH1 and RH2. Ginseng RHs is very effective to prevent and cure cancer. Ginseng RHs can restrain the diffusion of cancer cells; avoid or protect the normal cells and tissues from invasion; antagonize the complications caused by anti-cancer drugs, prevent and alleviate the complications after operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, improve body immune system.

Green World Ginseng RHs Capsule has increased the content of RH1 and Rh2 by more than 1000 times. Administration of this capsule during chemotherapy and radiotherapy maintains the level of white blood cells, enhancing immunity and recovering and constitution rapidly.

It is proved clinical that it can increase leukocyte levels in 2-3 days after administration.

It can notably control the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells while reducing the incidence of cancer.

It can also promote the synthesis of DNA and RNA and improve the body immunity.

it promotes wound healing, speeds up recovery and restore physical strength.

Highly effective against the growth of cancer cells.

It treats more than 40 types of cancers and increase white blood cells

It improves immunity rapidly and good for leukemia.

Suitable For;

* People who intend to boost immunity

* People who have benign or malignant tumor

* People whocomplete chemotherapy and /or radiotherapy

* People with lowered white blood cells due to infection ofHIV or AIDS

* People with chronic fatigue or intend to boost stamina


Radix Ginseng Extractum (350mg),


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