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Scientific research proves it promotes immunity and has anti-cancer effects. Organic germanium can change the abnormal electric potential to normal and eliminate the cancer electric potential. Ganoderma amylase is one of the effective ingredients, which can restrain the fibrosarcoma tumor cell growth, black-pigment disease; control the metastasis of cancer cells; enhance the ability of NK cells and phagocytic hemocyte; maintain and strengthen the body immunity effectively; restrain abnormality and autoimmune response and finally reach the goal to prevent tumor and retard aging.

–          It cures bronchitis, asthma and neurasthenic

–          It promotes quick healing of wound.

–          It alleviates vomits and pain.

–          It strengthens the blood vessel in the heart to supply blood and oxygen.

–          It improves insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), it takes care of anxiety, tinnitus and weakness.

–          It promotes the composition of protein and nucleic acid and help in retard aging

–          It prevents and cures coronary diseases.



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