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Deep sea fish oil: Deep sea fish oil is a product with outstanding capabilities. It helps in the maintenance, protection, repair and improvement in function of vital organs and tissues in the body. It contains DHA which can activate brain nerves, make memory strong and retard aging, improves transfer speed of nerves. The DHA is an important part of the brain, eyes, nervous and immune system.

Secondly the EPA which is also called the “cardiovascular Ashman”  plays an important role in reducing blood sugar and protecting and preventing the heart, blood vessels and brain from damage.

it promotes brain dvelopment in growing child and good for pregnant women too

Characteristics and benefits: Prevents blood clotting, thrombosis and arteriosclerosis; lowers high blood pressure, keeps healthy blood flow and promotes blood circulation.

Green World Deep Sea Fish Oil contain; deep sea fish oil extract, EPA: 180mg/softgel, DHA; 120mg/softgel




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