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* Strengthen the function of the liver.
* Relieve back pain.
* Improve somnolence.
* Relax the bowels.
* Nourish the intestines.
* Absorb heavy metal ion.
* Remove the metabolism rubbish and oxygen toxin in the blood vessel.
* Restrain the absorption of glucose in the blood.
* Improve the utilization of trypsin.
* Decrease the blood fat.
* Decrease the blood sugar.
* Prevent the artery ossification.
* Prevent high blood fat.
* Prevent diabetes.
* Lose weight.
* Brings down BP.

According to the modern research, chitosan has the following functions:

* Consolidate the immunity,
* Retard aging,
* Prevent diseases.
* Promote the recovery of diseases.
* Cleans and purifies the blood.
* Regulates physiological functions of human body.



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