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Balsam pear is called ‘plant insulin’ in which the sugar-polypeptide P (vegetal) peptide can reduce the blood sugar safely and steadily. Moreover, it can improve the function of insulin, rehabilitates B cells’ insulin ability in secreting or improving insulin, relieve the syndrome, regulate blood lipid and reduce blood pressure. After enhancing the activity of insulin cells, it can increase the ability of self regulating blood sugar, speed up the oxidation of blood sugar which adapt with the natural order of human metabolism.

The gall element in balsam pear can stimulate the increase in secretion of salivary gland, relief the mouth desiccation and the thirst of the diabetes patients.

Characteristics and Benefit of Green World Balsam Tablet:

1.    Reduces blood sugar level
2.    Increase response of human body cells to insulin
3.    Relieves the complications of diabetes

Green World Balsam Pear tablet is Suitable for :

People with elevated blood sugar level
People with diabetes mellitus
people with complications of diabetes

Ingredients: Balsam Pear Powder



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