Brain Damage. Just because brain is responsible for so many functions, it uses 20% of the total oxygen and blood in our body and is highly sensitive to lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen in the brain for 5-10 minutes results in permanent
Since brain is so important, today we are going to share three common diseases that are closely related with human brain.
> Stroke – a disease occurs when the blood supply to our brain is suddenly cut;
> Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease – when our brain itself doesn’t work properly
> Insomnia – when it happens, our brain cannot work properly
When anyone of us come across such a circumstance where a person suddenly has a drooped face, or cannot move one of his/her limbs, has a slurred speech, or all of a sudden doesn’t recognize one of the very familiar kith and kin, the first reaction we should have is this person is having a stroke and we should seek immediate medication.
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