Green World HepatSure Capsule
Ingredients: Astragalus Extract, Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae Extract, Herba Lophatheri Extract
Characteristics and Benefits:
Protects, repairs and stabilizes liver cells;
Alleviates symptoms of acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis;
Strengthens liver functions; promotes bile secretion and flow; reduces liver cell inflammation;
Prevents damage of liver cells by alcohol, chemicals, heavy metal, medicine, toxins, intoxication of food and environmental pollutants;
Promotes the regeneration and repair of liver cells.
Suitable for:
People suffering from liver function damages, liver diseases and hepatobiliary dysfunction.
People suffering from hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis.
People suffering from jaundice and cholecystitis.
People who drink excessively, or have irregular hours of work and rest.
People who work under polluted environment.

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